Tapes? Tapes!

People often ask us, why tapes? Tapes sound terrible! They break easily! They're inconvenient!

We started Tarantula Tapes for a few reasons.  Firstly, we don't think they sound terrible, In fact, they have a character to them like vinyl does. Natural imperfections give tapes a unique sound that some people actually enjoy. Secondly, albums are meant to be listened to in their entirety.  Thirdly, buying merchandise helps supports artists who are largely exploited in the digital age.  Lastly, independent record labels bring like minded individuals together and form a sense of community much like we all experience within our local music scene.

"Gimme gimme gimme, I need some more"

In the age of "instant everything", singles, and all the conveniences of mass consumption, music fans are not getting the full effect of an entire album that artists put their time into creating. Listening to an album, start to finish, is a rewarding experience. Hearing songs in the order the artist intended you to listen, the flow of songs, the journey of the album. You don't get this on shuffle. This experience helps you better connect with the musicians you love. A cassette is "inconvenient" only if you want to hear a particular song, however it is a great way to take in the whole album and you'll thank yourself for it.  Holding the cassette sleeve, absorbing the artwork, reading lyrics and getting deeper into the songs. Additionally, reading the "thank yous" is a great way to discover new bands you may have never heard of.

"If we all chipped in a little, if we all cared a little bit more"

Cassette tapes are inexpensive and help smaller artists get physical releases out to their fans. It's no secret that the streaming services only benefit their owners whilst the artists are making fractions of a penny per stream. That's barely more than being paid in exposure!  Buying an artist's merch is the single best way you can support the music you enjoy and help artists, and others in the music community, grow their art.  Most tapes sell between $5-$10, and that's not at lot considering the huge expense it is to release music: studio time, mixing and mastering, artwork, graphics layout, manicuring, distributing, buying instruments, and so much more.  Vinyl is very expensive for independent bands who aren't selling thousands of records and this high price is often a barrier to entry.  Next time you're buying a beer, a latte, a pack of smokes or some weed, consider spending a little bit of that and supporting the music you enjoy. 

 "If you can't join 'em, beat 'em"

We are artist focused and we are artists.  Tarantula Tapes is completely DIY, run by a small team of music and art enthusiasts; from our printing, art layout and proofing, duplication and assembly, we are hands on and dedicated to independent music.

"Thank you for playing the way you play"

If you enjoy music, consider contributing to the artists who create that music.  Tapes are a low barrier to entry that most can contribute to as a way of saying "thank you for playing the way you play"